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Short Story

About Cahen Marketing

Cahen Marketing was born out of a response to the Coronavirus. Initially started as a backup plan, we saw that companies were searching for lower paid coordinators, but asking the world of them in job descriptions.  

With decades of experience in traditional advertising and digital media, we found that we could be way more efficient and way more effective for businesses than hiring an entry level marketer. 

When your business is too small to hire a high priced marketing team, but you also know that you could experience sustained growth with the right direction, Cahen Marketing can help.  We specialize in process improvement and optimization through technically methodical marketing. We are experts at targeting the right prospects and converting those prospects into customers.

We are cheaper than hiring a large marketing agency, and far more experienced than a single, full time marketing hire.  



Not Convinced Yet?

Here's our process

Free Consultation

Let’s see if we’re a good fit with a quick phone conversation.  If not, maybe we can at least help clarify your needs.


We’ll take a look at your website, paid advertising, competition, and current strategy in order to see create a baseline.


Here is where you’ll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No “spin” just the facts. Data that can be defined as actionable insights.

marketing Strategy

Together we’ll create a well thought out plan, with the right media mix for your company.  We’ll exhaust the possibilities of digital and traditional marketing and examine every possible channel to create your perfect plan.


We do the dirty work too.  We’ll help you build a website, run your search ads and improve your site for SEO. We’ll negotiate media rates from a position of experience and make sure your budget is well invested.  


Not only will we execute, the marketing strategy, but we’ll measure our progress along the way in order to optimize each aspect for the highest ROI.