Brand Identity

How Will your brand be remembered?

Brand Consultant

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What Do You Stand For?

Your company needs a a unique selling proposition to differentiate it from the competition.  Is that value enough to create demand?  Cahen Marketing can help define your core competencies including a mission statement to drive both internal and external communications.  

Data such as demographics will dictate choices.  We’ll create user personas  based on age, gender, location, and income levels.  but we’ll also look at psychographic information like personal motivations, goals, pain points, external influences and past brand affinities.

We’ll concentrate on building trust and authority with your customer base in order to improve positive recall of your company and our products.  We’ll help you measure brand sentiment through brand monitoring techniques like brand lift surveys and social listening.

After creating your brand, we’ll help you apply it across your channels for a consistent user experience.  We’ll help craft the right message to communicate your value proposition and keep your company top of mind when clients are starting their buying research. 


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