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Growing visitors to your website and growing your business are not the same.  When we look at the marketing funnel some agencies take treat “key performance indicators” as goals.  KPI’s are steps in nurturing a sale, but conversions or sales are the real goal.

If you have attracted qualified visitors through SEO, pay per click, referral traffic, or traditional advertising, you don’t want them to leave without making a purchase!  There are tried and true best practices to increase the likelihood of retaining a user and building the trust needed to convert a sale. 

Testing and analytics play a huge role in CRO. Human behavior can be unpredictable, but with the right tracking and behavioral data, patterns can be established to increase the desired actions.  A/B testing increases the statistical chances of conversions.    

The benefits of well planned CRO are a lower bounce rate, more page views, longer time on site, and ultimately more phone calls and contact forms sent.  With I,proved CRO, your cost per acquisition will decrease and your ROI will steadily rise.   


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