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How do you get customers from pay per click advertising without paying for the ones you would have already reached through other unpaid channels like Organic? You hire one person to watch both SEO and SEM.  By doing this, you strike a balance of reach and frequency without overbidding on branded terms or keywords where you already rank high on search engine response pages.

Google, Bing, Facebook, and really anyone will gladly take money from your business, but with a finite budget, it’s best to get a low cost per click, and even better to get a low cost per conversion.  Our pay per click campaigns are optimized for ROI.  So we’ll put you at the top of search pages, but only if we get the right prospect to click for the right price.

We’ll make sure you appear for the right searches, but we’ll also make sure you don’t appear for keyword searches that have nothing to do with your product.  Paying for the wrong prospects can skyrocket a cost per conversion, and unlike Organic traffic from SEO, this is a pay to play medium. Too many times I’ve seen agencies spend a budget the easy way just to collect their fee.  

A truly great SEM campaign will have the right structure, in which campaigns don’t bid against each other and cannibalize each others budget. They’ll have a robust negative keyword list to accompany any “broad match” keywords and they will have the right bidding strategy with as little automation as possible… because guess who wins when you let Google spend your money how they want? 

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