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Search Engine Optimization is a long process, but it is also a highly profitable and sustainable process.  Do you know where you appear on Search Engine Response Pages (SERPs) for your most profitable searches?  Do you know what customers are searching for? Do you know what your competition is ranking for in searches? 

Part of the SEO process is figuring our what you are currently ranking for in order to protect your successes, but also increasing market share.  SEO is literally a game of “one upping” your competitors on search engines in order to increase the likelihood of someone clicking through to your website and making a purchase.

We’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to improve the backend and frontend SEO of your website, as well as the off page link profile.

There are over 200 ranking factors in the Google algorithm, and having backend tagging and structure that are easy for Google to crawl are imperative. We’ll check for errors in your code as well as lost opportunity through missing or incomplete backend tags.

Part of the SEO process on the front end of your website involves a deep dive into the content and internal links on your site.  Let’s make sure you have the right content as well as the right signals pointing to your most important pages.  Let’s give Google as many reasons as possible to show your site above your competitors’.

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